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Evaluation Reports for NIMBioS Events and Activities

NIMBioS conducts evaluations of its working group meetings, investigative workshops, tutorials, and major education and outreach events. Evaluations are carried out via electronic surveys sent to all participants either after participation in a NIMBioS event, or both before and after participation if a pre/post comparison of responses was warranted. Evaluation findings, along with suggestions for improvement, are shared with event organizers, as well as NIMBioS staff as needed. Improvements to program content and format, as well as NIMBioS' overall operations, are made accordingly. All evaluation data are confidential, and results are reported only in the aggregate.

To learn more about the National Institute for STEM Evaluation, which currently conducts our evaluations, visit

Annual Evaluation Summaries
Year 10 Evaluation Summary
Year 9 Evaluation Summary
Year 8 Evaluation Summary
Year 7 Evaluation Summary
Year 6 Evaluation Summary
Year 5 Evaluation Summary
Year 4 Evaluation Summary  Year 4 Participant Diversity Report
Year 3 Evaluation Summary  Year 3 Participant Diversity Report
Year 2 Evaluation Summary  Year 2 Participant Diversity Report

Event names below are linked to the event's web page. Click Report for event evaluation report (pdf).

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Working Group EventDatesYearEvaluation
Coalitions and Alliances Apr 16-182009 Report
Feb 4-62010 Report
Nov 4-62010Report
Intragenomic Conflict Apr 20-222009Report
Feral Swine / Pseudo-rabies in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Apr 27-292009 Report
Jan 25-262010 Report
Aug 10-122010Report
Biological Problems using Binary Matrices May 26-292009 Report
Dec 10-132009 Report
May 4-72010 Report
Dec 14-172010Report
Synthesizing and Predicting Infectious Disease while Accounting for Endogenous Risk (SPIDER) Jun 7-92009 Report
Nov 9-112009 Report
May 16-182011 Report
Integrating Functional and Evolutionary Dynamics at Multiple Scales Jun 10-122009 Report
Mar 1-32010 Report
Sep 13-172010Report
Consequences of Intraspecific Niche Variation Jul 27-292009 Report
Jun 21-242010Report
Cross-Topology Registration Jan 10-122010 Report
Jan 8-102011Report
Modeling Bovine Tuberculosis Feb 17-182010 Report
Jan 31-Feb 12011Report
Modeling Forest Insect Dynamics Feb 22-262010 Report
Oct 18-212010 Report
Oct 13-172011 Report
Food Web Dynamics Apr 27-302010 Report
Jan 11-152011Report
Multi-scale Analysis of Cortical Networks May 19-212010 Report
Gene-tree Based Species Delimitation Dec 2-42010Report
Gene Tree Reconciliation Dec 16-182010Report
Optimal Control for Agent-based Models Apr 26-282011Report
Modeling Toxoplasma gondii May 16-182011Report
'Pretty Darn Good' Control Sep 12-152011Report
Suction Feeding Biomechanics Sep 26-272011Report
Play, Evolution, and Sociality Nov 30-Dec 22011Report
Ocean Viral Dynamics Apr 11-132012Report
Modeling Anthrax Exposure May 15-172012Report
Within-host modeling of MAP Jun 26-282012Report
Biotic Interactions Feb 1-42013 Report
Hierarchy and leadership Apr 25-272013 Report
Design and Analysis of Bat Population Monitoring May 7-92013 Report
Nonautonomous Systems and Terrestrial Carbon Cycle May 13-172013 Report
Plant Soil Feedback Oct 31-Nov 22013 Report
Evolution of Institutions Mar 13-14 2014 Report
Evolutionary Approaches to Sustainability Mar 26-28 2014 Report
Migratory Habitat May 5-8 2014 Report
Computational Landscape Genomics May 13-16 2014 Report
Modeling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Intervention Sep 19-222014Report
A DEB Model for Trees Oct 14-172014Report
Expanding Data Nuggets Jan 7-92015Report
Vector Movement and Disease Mar 30-Apr 22015Report
Jan 30-Feb 22017Report
Leptospirosis Modeling Apr 8-102015Report
Nov 1-42016Report
Climate Proxies Apr 20-242015Report
Apr 4-62016Report
Dispersal Biogeography May 11-142015Report
Ecological Network Dynamics Jun 10-122015Report
Nov 14-172016Report
Teaching Quantitative Bio Oct 22-242015Report
Modeling Organisms-to-Ecosystems Nov 16-202015Report
Modeling Molecules-to-Organisms Nov 16-202015Report
Spatial Cell Simulations Dec 1-32015Report
Cooperation and Cognition Dec 9-112015Report
Multiscale Vectored Plant Viruses Dec 14-162015Report
Models of Produce Contamination Apr 13-152016Report
Long Transients and Ecological Forecasting Mar 1-32017Report
Remotely Sensing Biodiversity Apr 21-232016Report
Prediction and Control of Cardiac Alternans May 2-42016Report
Caulobacter Cell-Cycle Model Oct 20-212016Report
3D Modeling of Human Body Composition Mar 13-142017Report
Ecosystem Federalism Jun 28-302017Report
Learning in Networks Feb 22-242018Report

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Investigative Workshop EventDatesYearEvaluation
Modeling White Nose Syndrome in Bats Jun 29-Jul 12009Report
Modeling Bovine Tuberculosis Jul 7-92009Report
New Soil Black Box Strategies Oct 15-172009Report
Optimal Control and Optimization for Individual- and Agent-based Models Dec 1-32009Report
ModelingToxoplasma gondii May 13-152010Report
Modeling Reef Ecosystems Jul 21-232010Report
Modeling Wildlife and Virus Zoonoses Nov 8-102010Report
Solid Tumor Modeling, Jan 19-212011Report
Synchrony in Biological Systems Across Scales, Apr 11-132011Report
IB Ecology of Microbes, Jun 8-102011Report
Malaria Modeling and Control, Jun 15-182011Report
Modeling Johne's Disease Jul 6-82011Report
Modeling Metabolism and Body Weight Regulation Jul 12-152011Report
Modeling Renal Hemodynamics Aug 1-3 2011Report
Mathematical Modeling of Intracellular Movements (MMIMO) Oct 24-262011Report
Modeling Free-roaming Cats and Rabies Nov 9-112011Report
Modeling Dengue Fever Jul 23-242012Report
Modeling Social Complexity Feb 6-82012Report
Disturbance Regimes and Climate-Carbon Feedback Feb 13-15, 2012 2012Report
Systems and Synthetic Microbiology Mar 11-132013Report
Blood Cell Interactions Jun 5-Jun 72013Report
Animal Vocal Communication Sequences Oct 21-23 2013Report
Insect Pest Resistance Evolution Nov 14-15 2013Report
Animal Social Networks Mar 6-8 2014Report
Vectored Plant Viruses Mar 17-19 2014Report
Interface Disease Models Mar 11-13 2014Report
Modeling Contamination of Fresh Produce Apr 24-25 2014Report
Predictive Models for ERA Apr 28-30 2014Report
Heart Rhythm Disorders Dec 3-52014Report
Lymphoid Cells in Acute Inflammation Jan 15-16 2015Report
Olfactory Modeling Mar 2-4 2015Report
Neurobiology of Expertise Mar 11-13 2015Report
Information and Entropy in Biological Systems Apr 8-10 2015Report
Malaria-Leishmania Co-infection May 26-28 2015Report
Many-cell System Modeling Jul 7-9, 2015 2015Report
Computational Advances in Microbiome Research Jul 27-28, 2015 2015Report
Morphological Plant Models Sep 2-4, 2015 2015Report
Evolution and Warfare Sep 16-18, 2015 2015Report
Algebraic Mathematical Biology Jul 25-272016Report
Next Generation Genetic Monitoring Nov 7-92016Report
Stoichiometric Ecotoxicology Jan 17-192018Report
Bio-acoustic Structure Jun 25-272018Report
DySoc/NIMBioS Workshop: Extending the Theory of Sustainability Dec 5-72018Report
DySoc/NIMBioS Workshop: Human Origins 2021 Feb 15-162019Report
DySoc/NIMBioS Workshop: Social Norms – Emergence, Persistence, and Effects Apr 23-252019Report
Scientific Collaboration Enabled by High Performance Computing May 13-152019Report
Transients in Biological Systems May 29-312019Report

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Tutorial EventDatesYearEvaluation
Training the Trainers: HPC for Computational Scientists Collaborating with Biologists Mar 16-182009Report
Optimization for Biologists Dec 15-172009Report
Graph Theory and Biological Networks Aug 16-182010Report
High Performance Computing for Phylogenetics Oct 13-152010Report
Stochastic Modeling in Biology Mar 16-182011Report
Migration from the Desktop May 9-112011Report
Multi-cell, Multi-scale Modeling May 18-212011Report
Mathematical Modeling for the Cell Biology Researcher and Educator Apr 8-102013Report
Computing in the Cloud Apr 6-82014Report
Spring Opportunities for Women in the Mathematical Sciences Apr 9-112014Report
Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Biological Models May 19-212014Report
Algebraic and Discrete Biological Models for Undergraduate Courses Jun 18-202014Report
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Aug 4-92014Report
Using R for HPC Feb 272015Report
NIMBioS/SAMSI/ESA Graduate Workshop/Tutorial: Current Issues in Statistical Ecology Apr 15-17 2015Report
A Research Collaboration Workshop for Women in Mathematical Biology Jun 22-252015Report
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Aug 10-152015Report
Game Theoretical Modeling of Evolution in Structured Populations Apr 25-272016Report
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Aug 8-122016Report
Uncertainty Quantification for Biological Models Jun 26-282017Report
RevBayes: Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny Aug 7-112017Report
Applications of Spatial Data: Ecological Niche Modeling (2017) May 16-182017Report
Applications of Spatial Data: Ecological Niche Modeling (2018) Dec 3-52018Report
Network Modeling Feb 4-62019Report
Risk Assessment Calculator Training Mar 5-72019Report
The Search for Selection Jun 3-72019Report

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Education and Outreach EventDatesYearEvaluation
R Seminar Feb 2 - Mar 22009Report
NIMBioS/Project Kaleidoscope Webinar: Mathematics and Life Science Education: Promoting Interdisciplinarity Apr 232009Report
Biology in a Box Workshop Jun 17-182010Report
EcoEd Webinar–Math, Computing, Undergraduate Ecology Education and Large Datasets: An Example from a Citizen Science Program Sep 82010 Report
1st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Oct 23-242009Report
2nd Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 19-202010Report
3rd Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Oct 21-222011Report
4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 17-182012Report
5th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 16-172013Report
6th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 1-22014Report
7th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 21-222015Report
8th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Oct 8-92016Report
9th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 11-122017Report
10th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics Nov 11-122018Report
Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates and Veterinary Students 2009 Jun 1-Jul 242009Report
Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates and Veterinary Students 2010 Jun 7-Jul 302010Report
Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2012 Jun 11-Aug 32012Report
Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2013 Jun 10-Aug 22013Report
Summer Research Experiences at NIMBioS for Undergraduates and Teachers - 2014 Jun 9-Aug 12014Report
Summer Research Experiences at NIMBioS for Undergraduates and Teachers - 2015 Jun 8-Jul 312015Report
Summer Research Experiences at NIMBioS for Undergraduates - 2016 Jun 6-Jul 292016Report
Summer Research Experiences at NIMBioS for Undergraduates and Teachers - 2017 Jun 5-Jul 282017Report
Summer Research Experiences at NIMBioS for Undergraduates - 2018 May 29-Jul 202018Report

Other EventDatesYearEvaluation
The Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting and Conference Jul 25-282012Report
NSF INCLUDES Conference: Multi-Scale Evaluation in STEM Education Feb 23-242017 Report
NSF INCLUDES Conference: Multi-Scale Evaluation in STEM Education
Webinar: Program Evaluation 101
Feb 92017 Report

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