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Events and Activities at NIMBioS

Event Calendar. A tabular listing of all upcoming events and activities at NIMBioS, including information about scheduled working group meetings, investigative workshops, tutorials, seminars, and administrative closings. Links to yearly archived calendars of past events are also included.

Live Streaming Events. NIMBioS offers free live streaming of many NIMBioS events, including workshop and tutorial presentations and seminars. Live streams are accompanied by a live chat of the event via Twitter. Archived videos of selected live streamed presentations are available on the NIMBioS YouTube channel.

Seminars. NIMBioS hosts a seminar series on topics in mathematical biology every other Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in Hallam Auditorium, Room 206, Claxton Building, 1122 Volunteer Blvd. Seminars are available for viewing via live streaming during the seminar and are archived as videos on NIMBioS' YouTube channel.

Working Groups focus on major well-defined scientific questions at the interface between biology and mathematics that require insights from diverse researchers, meeting up to 3 times over a 2-year period. Participation is by invitation only.

Investigative Workshops focus on broad topics or a set of related topics, summarizing/synthesizing the state of the art and identifying future directions. Workshops have up to 35 participants. Organizers and key invited researchers make up half the participants; the remaining participants are filled through open application from the scientific community. Also check out our new Innovator Workshops, which offer a more streamlined review process.

Tutorials. NIMBioS has hosted a number of tutorials related to the interface of biological/computational/mathematical research. Organizers, presenters and key invited researchers make up a portion of the 25-30 participants; the remaining participants are filled through open application from the scientific community. Also check out our new Accelerator Tutorials.

Other Meetings of Interest. NIMBioS partners with other groups on a variety of conferences, workshops and other events. For many of these events, NIMBioS has been successful in securing support from foundations, government, and industry.

Visitors. The NIMBioS Visitor Calendar lists all visitors to the institute, including Short-term Visitors, Sabbatical Fellows, Visiting Graduate Student Fellows, and Self-supported Visitors. Each entry provides the dates of the visit, the name of the visitor, their institutional affiliation, the title of their project, and their collaborators at NIMBioS.

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