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NIMBioS Event Calendar
  October 2016
Oct 4
*NIMBioS Seminar. Lauren Smith-Ramesh, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow (Oct 2016)
Topic: Placing species invasions in a food web context: A new twist on old invasion hypotheses
Oct 6-8 NIMBioS Working Group: Teaching Quantitative Bio, 3rd meeting
Oct 8-9 Eighth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology, UT Conference Center
Oct 11
*NIMBioS Seminar. Mark Moffett, National Museum of Natural History
Topic: How a shift in social identity made enormous societies possible: An overlooked turning point in human evolution
Oct 11-13 NIMBioS Working Group: Remotely Sensing Biodiversity, 2nd meeting
Oct 12-13 Modern Math Workshop at SACNAS 2016, Long Beach, CA. Deadline to register: Oct 1.
Oct 18
*NIMBioS Seminar. Jay M. Ver Hoef**, Natl Marine Mammal Lab., NOAA-NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Topic: Modern spatial statistics: Basis functions, convolutions, and big data
Oct 19
1-4 pm
NIMBioS Advisory Board Meeting (virtual via Zoom)
Oct 19-21 NIMBioS Working Group: Spatial Cell Simulations, 3rd meeting
Oct 20-21 NIMBioS Working Group: Caulobacter Cell-Cycle Model, 1st meeting
Oct 28-29 Blackwell-Tapia Conference and Award Ceremony, hosted by NIMBioS at the UT Conference Center
Oct 31–Nov 2 NIMBioS Working Group: Climate Proxies, 4th meeting
  November 2016
Nov 1-4 NIMBioS Working Group: Leptospirosis Modeling, 4th meeting
Nov 7-9 NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Next Generation Genetic Monitoring
Nov 8
RM 105
*NIMBioS Seminar. Sergei Petrovskii, Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Leicester, UK
Topic: Biological invasion: Patchy invasion as a new paradigm of alien species spread
Nov 24-25 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Thanksgiving.
Nov 29-Dec 2 NIMBioS Working Group: Modeling Molecules-to-Organisms, 3rd meeting
  December 2016
Nov 29-Dec 2 NIMBioS Working Group: Modeling Molecules-to-Organisms, 3rd meeting
Dec 14-16 NIMBioS Working Group: Prediction and Control of Cardiac Alternans, 2nd meeting
Dec 19-23 NIMBioS Working Group: Multiscale Vectored Plant Viruses, 3rd meeting
Dec 26-30 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Winter holiday.
  January 2017
Jan 11-13 NIMBioS Working Group: Models of Produce Contamination, 2nd meeting
Jan 17
*NIMBioS Seminar. Andrew Rominger, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow (Jan 2017)
Topic: TBA
Jan 31
*NIMBioS Seminar. Oyita Udiani, NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow (Jan 2017)
Topic: TBA
  February 2017
Feb 14
*NIMBioS Seminar. Klaus Schulten** (Beckman Institute, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana)
Topic: TBA
  March 2017
Mar 1-3 NIMBioS Working Group: Long Transients and Ecological Forecasting, 1st meeting (Details soon)

*NIMBioS Seminars and Teatime Talks are held in Rm. 206, Claxton Building, 1122 Volunteer Blvd., unless otherwise indicated. Light refreshments will be served in Room 206 starting 30 min. before afternoon seminars.
**NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor

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