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NIMBioS Event Calendar
  January 2020
Jan 1 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for New Year's Day.
Jan 1 Monthly deadline to apply for Short-term Visits to NIMBioS beginning after February 15.
Jan 14 DySoC/NIMBioS Seminar. Simon Carrignon, DySoC/NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow. Topic: Content-dependent biases in social learning strategies: A multiscale approach
Jan 16-18 Short-term visitor to NIMBioS: Lochner et al. collaborating with Mona Papeş, Luis Carrasco Tornero, and Greg Wiggins on "Buzz pollinators"
Jan 20 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Jan 28
3:30 p.m.
NIMBioS/Math Biology Seminar. Lauren Childs, Mathematics, Virginia Tech
Topic: Modeling malaria development in mosquitoes: How fast can mosquitoes pass on infection?
  February 2020
Feb 1 Monthly deadline to apply for Short-term Visits to NIMBioS beginning after March 15.
Feb 3 Ecological Society of America (ESA) Southeast Chapter Communications Training
Feb 4
3:30 p.m.
DySoC/NIMBioS Seminar. Carlos A. Botero, Biology, Washington Univ., Saint Louis, MO
Topic: Ecological and evolutionary modeling shed light into the evolution and spread of human agriculture
Feb 27-29 Quantitative Biology at Community Colleges Network Meeting, hosted by NIMBioS.
  March 2020
Mar 3
3:30 p.m.
DySoC/NIMBioS Seminar. Christian Houle, Political Science, Michigan State Univ.
Topic: TBA
Mar 10
3:30 p.m.
DySoC/NIMBioS Seminar. Neil Johnson, Physics, The George Washington Univ., Washington D.C.
Topic: Online ecologies of distrust and hate
Mar 12-14 Short-term visitor to NIMBioS: Kling et al. collaborating with Suzanne Lenhart and Charles Sims on "Computational models of adaptive management"
Mar 16-18 NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Quantitative Education in Life Science Graduate Programs
Mar 16-18 Short-term visitors to NIMBioS: Petrovskii et al. collaborating with UT paleontoligist Colin Sumrall to study "Transient dynamics of mass extinctions: Linking the past to the future"
Mar 23-26 Short-term visitors to NIMBioS: Zhou et al. collaborating to study "Biodiversity loss in the face of global change"
Mar 24
3:30 p.m.
NIMBioS Seminar. Sandy Liebhold, Research Entomologist, Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service. Topic: TBA
  April 2020
Apr 1-3 NIMBioS Tutorial: Adaptive Management.
Apr 7
3:30 p.m.
DySoC/NIMBioS Seminar. Michael Bailey, Research Scientist Manager, Facebook
Topic: The economic impact of social networks
Apr 10 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Spring Holiday.
  May 2020
May 5-8 Short-term visitors to NIMBioS: Manore et al. collaborating with Louis Gross to study "Grower decisions and cooperation impact on crop disease spread"
May 11-15 Short-term visitor to NIMBioS: Molofsky et al. collaborating on "Exploring the edge of trait space with theoretical models"
May 12-15 Short-term visitors to NIMBioS: Lawani et al. collaborating with Amanda Hyman, Paul Armsworth, and Orou Gaoue on "Addressing conservation issues in Benin with innovative optimization models"
May 18-20 TRIPODS+X Meeting/Innovation Lab
May 18-22 Short-term visitor to NIMBioS: Bernoff et al. collaborating with Christopher Strickland on "Foraging and social interaction in the formation of locust hopper bands"
May 25 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Memorial Day.
May 26-Jul 17 Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SRE) at NIMBioS
May 27-30 Short-term visitors to NIMBioS: Kivlin et al. group collaborating on "Creating a framework to interpret and model plant and mycorrhizal fungal traits at the global scale"
  June 2020
May 26-Jul 17 Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SRE) at NIMBioS
  July 2020
May 26-Jul 17 Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (SRE) at NIMBioS
Jul 4 NIMBioS administrative offices are closed for Independence Day.
  August 2020

*Unless otherwise noted, NIMBioS Seminars are held in Rm. 206, Claxton Building, 1122 Volunteer Blvd. Light refreshments will be served starting 30 min. before seminars.

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