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Meet the NIMBioS Staff

M. Bartolini

Mary Bartolini

Business Manager
ph: 865-974-4894
fax: 865-974-9300

E. Carr

Eric Carr

Data Engineer
ph: 865-974-0223
fax: 865-974-9300

J. Comiskey

Jane Comiskey

Senior Analyst,
ph: 865-974-0224
fax: 865-974-9300

C. Crawley

Catherine Crawley

ph: 865-974-9350
fax: 865-974-9300

C. Eskridge

Chandra Eskridge

Executive & Business Assistant
ph: 865-974-9318
fax: 865-974-9300

S. LoRe

Sondra LoRe

Evaluation Manager
ph: 865-974-4981
fax: 865-974-9300

M. Peek

Michael Peek

IT Manager
ph: 865-974-9363
fax: 865-974-9300

J. Thomas

Jennifer Spar

Event & Travel Coordinator
ph: 865-974-9317
fax: 865-974-9300


Greg Wiggins

Education & Outreach Coordinator
ph: 865-974-9364
fax: 865-974-9300

M. York

Meredith York

Evaluation Specialist
ph: 865-974-9727
fax: 865-974-9300

Staff photo.
November 2017. (L to R) Eric Carr, Michael Peek, Jennifer Spar, Kevin Kidder, Chandra Eskridge, Brian O'Meara, Pamela Bishop, Ernest Brothers, Suzanne Lenhart, Chris Welsh, Jane Comiskey, Louis Gross, Sondra LoRe, Catherine Crawley, Greg Wiggins.
Staff photo.
July 2017. (L to R) Greg Wiggins, Catherine Crawley, Michael Peek, Kevin Kidder, Jennifer Spar, Brian O'Meara, Suzanne Lenhart, Alison Buchan, Mary Bartolini, Eric Carr, Pamela Bishop, Chris Welsh, Louis Gross.
Staff photo.
October 2016. (Back, L to R) Chandra Eskridge. Colleen Jonsson, Toby Koosman, Catherine Crawley, Chris Welsh, Pam Bishop, Eric Carr, Jennifer Spar, Michael Peek, Jane Comiskey. (Front, L to R) Kelly Sturner, Ana Richters, Sondra LoRe.
Staff photo.
December 2014. (Back, L to R) Toby Koosman, Kelly Sturner, Jennifer Spar, Jane Comiskey, Suzanne Lenhart, Eric Carr, Pam Bishop, Catherine Crawley, Chandra Eskridge. (Front, L to R) Chris Welsh, Michael Peek, Ana Richters, Louis Gross.
Staff photo.
June 2012. (From left) Catherine Crawley, Louis Gross, Michael Peek, Eric Carr, Sergey Gavrilets, Pam Bishop, Jane Comiskey, Chandra Eskridge, Chris Welsh, Toby Koosman, Ana Richters, Jennifer Spar. Not pictured: Kelly Sturner

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