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NIMBioS Live Stream

NIMBioS offers free live streaming of many NIMBioS events. See box below for live stream events and link to log in. After you log in by entering your name, organization, and email address, you will be taken to the live stream, which will be active only during the event.

NIMBioS also offers a live chat of the event via Twitter, which is displayed to the right of the live stream. Be sure to enlarge your window so that you can view the Twitter feed on the right. To post a question or comment, type it into the chat window (use only 140 characters per tweet). Please use the designated hashtag in your tweet to enable others to keep up the Twitter conversation and to allow better archiving of the Tutorial discussions. In the event of a "pause" on the live stream, please visit the Twitter feed for updates on when streaming will resume. To create a Twitter account, visit
For more help with Twitter, read Getting Started with Twitter and Using Hashtags on Twitter.
More resources: Ten Simple Rules of Live Tweeting at Scientific Conferences, PloS Comput Biol 10(8): e1003789.
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NIMBioS Live Streaming Events Event date Live link Hashtag

The live stream will not be archived, but individual talks will be videotaped and available soon after the event on the NIMBioS YouTube channel.

Archived Video of NIMBioS Live Streamed Tutorials and Webinars Event date Video link Hashtag
Uncertainty Quantification for Biological Models Jun 26-28, 2017 Coming soon #uncertaintyTT
NIMBioS Online Webinar (via Zoom): NSF INCLUDES Conference - Program Evaluation 101 Feb 9, 2017 Link #NISEReval
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics 2016 Aug 8-12, 2016 Link #quantTT
Game Theoretical Modeling of Evolution in Structured Populations April 25-27, 2016 Link #gameTT
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics 2015 Aug 10-15, 2015 Link #quantTT
NIMBioS/SAMSI/ESA Graduate Workshop/Tutorial:
Current Issues in Statistical Ecology
Apr 15-17, 2015 Link #gradWS
Using R for HPC Feb 27, 2015 Link #learnR
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Aug 4-9, 2014 Link #quantTT
Algebraic & Discrete Biological Models for Undergraduate Courses Jun 18-20, 2014 Link #biomodelTT
Computing in the Cloud Apr 6-8, 2014 Link #cloudTT
Archived Video of NIMBioS Live Streamed Workshops Event date Video link Hashtag
Pan-microbial Trait Ecology June 14-16, 2017 Coming soon #microbesWS
Species' Range Shifts in a Warming World May 3-5, 2017 Link #shiftsWS
Next Generation Genetic Monitoring Nov 7-9, 2016 Link #nextgenWS
Algebraic Mathematical Biology Jul 25-27, 2016 Link #mathbioWS
MPE 2013+ Workshop on Education for the Planet Earth of Tomorrow Sep 30-Oct 2, 2015 Link #MPEws
Evolution and Warfare Sep 16-18, 2015 Link #warfareWS
Morphological Plant Models Sep 2-4, 2015 Link #PlantMath15
Computational Advances in Microbiome Research Jul 27-28, 2015 Link #CAMRws
Many-cell System Modeling Jul 7-9, 2015 Link #manycellWS
Information and Entropy in Biological Systems Apr 8-10, 2015 Link #entropyWS
Neurobiology of Expertise Mar 11, 2015 Link #neuroWS
Olfactory Modeling Mar 2-4, 2015 Link #odorWS
Lymphoid Cells in Acute Inflammation Jan 15-16, 2015 Link #lymphoidWS
Heart Rhythm Disorders Dec 3-5, 2014 Link #cardiacWS
Leptospirosis Modeling Jun 3-5, 2014 Link #leptoWS
Predictive Models for ERA Apr 28-30, 2014 Link #eraWS
Modeling Contamination of Fresh Produce Apr 24-25, 2014 Link #produceWS
Spring Opportunities Workshop for Women in the Mathematical Sciences Apr 9-11, 2014 Link #womenWS
Vectored Plant Viruses Mar 17-19, 2014 Link #plantWS
Interface Disease Models Mar 11-13, 2014 Link #diseaseWS
Animal Social Networks Mar 6-8, 2014 Link #AnimalWS
Archived Video of NIMBioS Live-Streamed Seminars & Conferences Event date Video link Hashtag
Suzanne Alonzo. The social side of sex: Male/female coevolution and social plasticity affect reproductive patterns April 11, 2017 Coming soon! #nimbios
Richard Rebarber. Feedback control approaches to population management March 23, 2017 Link #nimbios
Oyita Udiani. Mathematical models of social dynamics and task organization in animal societies Jan 31, 2017 Link #nimbios
Avner Friedman. Tuberculosis and the immune system Dec 6, 2016 Link #nimbios
Sergei Petrovskii. Biological invasion: Patchy invasion as a new paradigm of alien species spread Nov 8, 2016 Link #nimbios
Blackwell-Tapia Conference Undergraduate Event. Mathematics:
It's knot what you think! A virtual math meet-up for undergraduates
Oct 27, 2016 Coming soon! #nimbios
Jay M. Ver Hoef. Modern spatial statistics: Basis functions, convolutions, and big data Oct 18, 2016 Link #nimbios
Mark Moffett.
How a shift in social identity made enormous societies possible: An overlooked turning point in human evolution
Oct 11, 2016 Coming soon! #nimbios
Lauren Smith-Ramesh.
Placing species invasions in a food web context: A new twist on old invasion hypotheses
Oct 4, 2016 Link #nimbios
Sarah Flanagan.
Identifying signatures of selection on the genome: Case studies using pipefish
Sep 20, 2016 Link #nimbios
Sergei Tarasov
Systematics of dung beetles and ontology-informed models for phenotypic evolution
Aug 23, 2016 Link #nimbios
Urszula Ledzewicz
Optimal protocols for combination therapies in cancer: how much, how often, in what sequence?
Apr 19, 2016 Link #nimbios
Glenn Ledder
Allocation of resources in two-component systems
Apr 14, 2016 Link #nimbios
Michael Whitlock
Selection in complex spatial settings
Apr 12, 2016 Link #nimbios
Alex Mogilner
Mechanical pathways of cell polarization and motility initiation
Mar 22, 2016
Link #nimbios
Maria Servedio
Models and mechanisms of male mate choice
Feb 16, 2016 Link #nimbios
Richard Schugart
Can mathematics heal all wounds?
Nov 10, 2015 Link #nimbios
Quentin Johnson
Utilizing computational methods to predict allosteric networks in protein complexes
Oct 20, 2015 Link #nimbios
Megan Rúa
Fantastic fungi! Exploring the ecological and evolutionary forces which shape host-microbe interactions
Oct 13, 2015 Link #nimbios
Charles Price
Flow similarity, stochastic branching, and quarter power scaling in plants
Oct 6, 2015 Link #nimbios
Stuart Pimm
The laws of biodiversity and what we do not understand about them
Sep 28, 2015 Link #nimbios
Elizabeth Bradley
Chaos and Control
Sep 22, 2015 Link #nimbios
Matt Kane
Funding Opportunities in Biology at the National Science Foundation
Jul 28, 2015 Link N/A
Mats Gyllenberg
Functional responses and how they evolve by natural selection
Apr 21, 2015 Link #nimbios
Caroline Farrior
Plant traits and the importance of competition among individuals
Apr 7, 2015 Link #nimbios
Kehinde Salau
Taking a moment to measure networks - A hierarchical approach
Mar 25, 2015 Link #nimbios
Laurent Excoffier
Consequences of spatial expansions on population functional diversity
Mar 10, 2015 Link #nimbios
Julio Ramirez
Pneumonia: Clinical & translational research...
Feb 25, 2015 Link #nimbios
Michael Lynch
Mutation, drift and the origin of subcellular features
Feb 10, 2015 Link #nimbios
Suzanne O'Regan
Detecting critical transitions in infectious disease dynamics
Jan 27, 2015 Link #nimbios
Ioannis Sgouralis
Modeling renal complications induced by cardiac surgery
Dec 2, 2014 Link #nimbios
Steven Abel
Deconstructing signal transduction at the cell membrane
Nov 25, 2014 Link #nimbios
Robert Boyd
The puzzles of cooperation
Nov 18, 2014 Link #nimbios
Hanna Kokko
Males exist: Does it matter?
Nov 11, 2014 Link #nimbios
Sandy Kawano
Quantifying phenotypic selection
Oct 21, 2014 Link #nimbios
Angela Peace
Stoichiometric producer-grazer models
Sep 23, 2014 Link #nimbios
Elizabeth Hobson
Emergent social properties and the evolution of social complexity
Sep 9, 2014 Link #nimbios
Leah Edelstein-Keshet
Chemical patterns in cell motility
Apr 30, 2014 Link #nimbios
Yetta Jager
Getting the most out of rivers
Apr 1, 2014 Link #nimbios
Eugene Koonin
Generalization of the central models of molecular evolution...
Mar 25, 2014 Link #nimbios