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Meet the NIMBioS Postdocs

For more information about the postdoctoral fellowship program at NIMBioS, click here. For more information about individual postdoctoral fellows, click on the name or photo below. Click here for a .pdf with a listing of where postdocs go after completing their fellowship.

C. Chang photo.

Charlotte Chang

Phone: 865-974-4965  

N. Panchy photo.

Nicholas Panchy

Phone: 865-974-4974  

s. Smith-Ramesh photo.

Lauren Smith-Ramesh

Phone: 865-974-4980  

Targeted NIMBioS Postdocs

Targeted Postdoctoral Fellowships provide support for specific research questions on projects directed by UT faculty. Read more.

J. Jiao photo.

Jing Jiao

Phone: 865-974-3065

L. Carrasco photo.

Luis Carrasco Tornero

Phone: 865-974-4943

G. Zhu photo.

Gengping Zhu

Phone: 865-974-9448

K. Myers photo.

Kellen Myers

Phone: 865-974-9458

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Clemente Aguilar
Folashade Agusto
Erol Akçay
Jeremy Beaulieu
Sharon Bewick
Juanjuan "JJ" Chai
Julia Earl
Caroline Farrior
Jake Ferguson
Sarah Flanagan
Orou Gaoue
R. Tucker Gilman
William Godsoe
Sean Hoban
Elizabeth Hobson
Amiyaal Ilany
Tom E. Ingersoll
Tony Jhwueng
Jiang Jiang
Nels Johnson
Quentin Johnson
Andrew Kanarek
Sandy Kawano
Arik Kershenbaum
A. Michelle Lawing
Maud Lélu
Keenan Mack
Gesham Magombedze
Yi Mao
Ryan Martin
Nick Matzke
Emily Moran
Calistus Ngonghala
Suzanne O'Regan
Angela Peace
Chris Remien
Megan Rúa
Daniel Ryan
Nourridine Siewe
Ioannis Sgouralis
Sergei Tarasov
Robin Taylor
Xavier Thibert-Plante
Oyita Udiani
Matt Zefferman

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Postdoctoral Mentor Pool

UT and ORNL NIMBioS Collaborators have served as a pool of possible postdoctoral mentors for NIMBioS as well as provided local expertise in a variety of fields related to possible working groups.

Postdoc photo.
NIMBioS Posdoctoral Fellows, July 2017 - From L: Sarah Flanagan, Lauren Smith-Ramesh, Robin Taylor, Sergei Tarasov, Nourridine Siewe, Quentin Johnson, Oyita Udiani

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