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Education and Outreach at NIMBioS

The NIMBioS Education and Outreach program offers a diverse array of activities to meet the educational needs for learners of all ages including K-12 students and teachers, university and college student and faculty, professional industry audiences, and the general public. NIMBioS initiatives focus on the enhancement of education at the interface between mathematics and biology and promote cross-disciplinary approaches to science at all levels.

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Pre-College Students/Teachers.   Activities at the interface of mathematics and biology are geared toward elementary, middle, and high school students and teachers including Biology in a Box and more.

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Undergraduates and Faculty.   Programs for undergraduates provide opportunities for conducting and presenting research, including Summer Research Experiences (SRE) at NIMBioS, an annual Undergraduate Research Conference. NIMBioS also sponsors tutorials and faculty workshops.

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Graduate Students.   Programs for graduate students include Mathematical Sciences Collaborative Diversity Initiative Workshops and tutorials.

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STEM Diversity Enhancement.   Learn about NIMBioS' diversity efforts as well as research and educational opportunities for enhancing the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields with diverse audiences.

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Current Education and Outreach Opportunities.   This link provides a listing and description of all current education and outreach opportunities for participation and support at NIMBioS.

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Education and Outreach Spotlight.   A collection of news articles and features about activities and events from the NIMBioS Education and Outreach Program.

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Educational Resources .   This link takes you to the NIMBioS Resource Library, where you will find a variety of educational resources, including our educational modules integrating math and biology.

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Blogging from NIMBioS Education & Outreach .   Read our blog to hear about the latest news and happenings related to NIMBioS education and outreach events and activities.

Education and Outreach Contacts:

Suzanne Lenhart
Associate Director for Education and Outreach
Ph: (865) 974-4270   Fax: (865) 974-9300

Kelly Sturner
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Ph: (865) 974-9364   Fax: (865) 974-9300

National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis
University of Tennessee
1122 Volunteer Blvd., Suite 106
Knoxville, TN 37996-3410