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NIMBioS Leadership Team

C.B. Jonsson Director
Colleen B. Jonsson
Phone: 865-974-9362
UTK Faculty Page
P. Armsworth Associate Director
Paul Armsworth
Phone: 865-974-9748
UTK Faculty Page
P. Bishop Associate Director for STEM Evaluation
Pamela Bishop
Phone: 865-974-9348
E. Brothers Associate Director for Diversity Enhancement
Ernest Brothers
Phone: 865-974-3634
UTK Faculty Page
A. Buchan Associate Director for Graduate Education
Alison Buchan
Phone: 865-974-5234
UTK Faculty Page
Buchan Lab Group Page
S. Gavrilets Associate Director for Scientific Activities
Sergey Gavrilets
Phone: 865-974-8136
Web page
S. Lenhart Associate Director for Education and Outreach
Suzanne Lenhart
Phone: 865-974-4270 (Math)   865-974-9349 (NIMBioS)
UTK Faculty Page
Brian O'Meara photo. Associate Director for Postdoctoral Activities
Brian O'Meara
Phone: 865-974-2804
UTK Faculty Page
Research Group Page
C. Welsh Deputy Director
Chris Welsh
Phone: 865-974-9334

Past Leadership Team Members

L.J. Gross Founding Director
Louis J. Gross
Phone: 865-974-4295
UTK Faculty Page
G. Hickling Emeritus
Associate Director for Partner Relations

Graham Hickling
UTK Faculty Page
J. New In Memoriam
Associate Director for Postdoctoral Activities
John New
UTK Faculty Page
C. Peterson Emeritus
Associate Director for Graduate Education

Cynthia Peterson
UTK Page