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Short-term Visits to NIMBioS

At a Glance


NIMBioS short-term visitors are supported for periods from one week to a month to assist their efforts in carrying out research that conforms to the mission of NIMBioS to foster research at the interface between mathematics and biology. Visitors will work on-site at NIMBioS and may link this visit with a Working Group or other activity at NIMBioS. Applications can include any type of interdisciplinary synthesis project, but we particularly welcome collaborative projects. Such collaborations might involve NIMBioS resident researchers or staff or local researchers; joint applications from two or more researchers to spend time together at NIMBioS; or applications from participants in other NIMBioS activities to work on their project with NIMBioS computational science staff.

Applications should clearly elucidate why the proposed project requires the resources available at NIMBioS, why the focal questions are important, and should reflect the interdisciplinary mission of NIMBioS. NIMBioS will not fund collection of new experimental or field research, but encourages the analysis and synthesis of existing data and the development of new models and mathematical approaches. Products might include (but are not restricted to):

  • Synthetic papers and reviews
  • Development and analysis of new mathematical models
  • Software that provides new capabilities to investigate a major research area

NIMBioS is committed to making databases, software and other products that are developed as part of NIMBioS activities available to the broader scientific community.

Requests for Short-term Visits are considered at any time, but applications should be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the proposed visit date. Applications will be evaluated in terms of both the scientific value of the project and the qualifications of the applicant. Particular priority will be provided to students and junior researchers. Visitors will receive reimbursement for travel and housing expenses, and a per diem to cover other incidental expenses (meals, etc.). Expenses are expected to be shared with other sources of funds available to the visitor for the proposed project (e.g. if the effort involves research associated with a larger project for which the applicant has a grant). Successful applicants are expected to submit a brief report summarizing their activities at NIMBioS.

NIMBioS is also open to self-supported visitors who do not need financial support for visits of up to several months duration, with the length of stay determined by the objectives of the proposed project. Click here for more information and how to apply.

Application and Submission Process

Applications for short-term visitors are short, not to exceed 2 single-spaced (12-pt type) pages, plus a 2-page CV.

The application process has two parts, an online summary form and a more detailed project description.
Applicants must complete both parts.

If the short-term visit request includes two or more visitors, ALL proposed visitors need to complete the Part 1 online summary form. It is acceptable for one lead from the group to submit Part 2 for the group, but contact information and CVs should be provided for all proposed visitors.

PART 1: Complete the online application form: CLICK HERE.

PART 2: Submit an application in PDF format, in a single file organized as follows:

  1. Title (descriptive title of planned research, 80 characters max)
  2. Name and contact information for all proposed visitors
  3. Project Summary (200 words max) - appropriate for public distribution on the NIMBioS web site
  4. Introduction and Goals - What important problem at the math/biology interface is being addressed?
  5. Proposed Activities and Rationale for NIMBioS Support - Why can this activity be most effectively conducted at NIMBioS? Also specify what support you are requesting from NIMBioS (travel, lodging, etc.).
  6. Anticipated IT Needs - Briefly describe any needs for IT support that are important to the success of the proposed project, including support for coding, high performance computing, and development and maintenance of public databases.
  7. Proposed Collaborators (if any) and Timetable (including start date). Local collaborators must send a short letter to NIMBioS confirming they are interested and available. The letter can be sent with the application or sent separately to Chris Welsh at cwelsh_at_nimbios_dot_org.
  8. Anticipated Results
  9. Short CVs for all proposed visitors (2 pages)

Applications will be accepted in digital format only, as a pdf file. Submit applications as a single pdf file including all of the components listed above (items 1-9). Graphics should be embedded directly into the application document. Applications should be submitted electronically via email to cwelsh_at_nimbios_dot_org.

Because of visa restrictions, international scholars should contact us before applying.

Note that information contained in applications for NIMBioS support are governed by the NIMBioS Privacy Policy.

Reporting Requirements

The primary responsibility of NIMBioS researchers – visitors and residents – is to fulfill their goals regarding the scholarly activities undertaken at the Institute. Results produced from NIMBioS research activities are very important in measuring the success of NIMBioS. Researchers are expected to report to NIMBioS any publications and/or other products that have resulted from activities at NIMBioS. In addition, copies of articles published should be sent to the Institute in electronic form. All research products derived in whole or in part through activities funded by NIMBioS are expected to formally acknowledge the role that NIMBioS funding played in the product development. The following links will help you in reporting your results:
Online Form to Report Results/Products
Suggested Acknowledgement Formats
NIMBioS Logo Files (for inclusion in presentations about NIMBioS-related work)
How to Write A Press Release

Within two weeks of your visit, you must supply the following two documents to the Associate Director for Scientific Activities (Sergey Gavrilets,

  1. Public Information (to be linked on the NIMBioS website) Provide a single paragraph (8-10 lines) on what exactly was done at the meeting and on the future plans. At the end of this paragraph, list the names and affiliation (including departments) of all participants at the meeting.
  2. Additional reporting (for internal use and for reporting to sponsors, the Board of Advisors, and the site visit team; will not be made public). Answer the following questions (1 paragraph for each):
    1. What exactly did you do during your visit to NIMBioS?
    2. What are the deliverables from your visit, e.g., papers, software, database, including things that are in progress? Be specific, e.g., for papers, list the tentative titles and any co-authors.
    3. What are the next steps in your research activities related to this visit?
    4. Are there any students/postdocs at your home institution who are involved in projects related to your visit at NIMBioS? List names and departmental affiliation.

Click here for a PDF version of the NIMBioS reporting policy.