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NIMBioS Adaptive Management Webinar Series

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Due to coronavirus concerns, the NIMBioS Adaptive Management Tutorial, originally scheduled as an in-person event in April, was conducted remotely. There were two webinars each evening for which participants registered.


  • Iadine Chadés, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
  • Paul L. Fackler, Agricultural & Resource Economics, North Carolina State Univ.
  • David Kling, Applied Economics, Oregon State Univ.
  • Michael Springborn, Environmental Science and Policy, Univ. of California, Davis

Co-organized in cooperation with Suzanne Lenhart (NIMBioS and Mathematics, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville) and Greg Wiggins (NIMBioS)

Webinar Series Description

Adaptive management seeks to determine sound management strategies in the face of uncertainty concerning the behavior of the system being managed. Specifically, it attempts to find strategies for managing dynamic systems while learning the behavior of the system. These webinars reviewed the key concept of a Markov Decision Process (MDP) and demonstrated how quantitative adaptive management strategies can be developed using MDPs. Additional conceptual, computational and application aspects were discussed, including dynamic programming and Bayesian formalization of learning.

Webinar presentations were streamed live and recorded. Videos are availabe for viewing on our NIMBioS YouTube channel.

Playlist of Webinar Videos

Webinar Presentation Videos


  • Introduction and overview (Louis Gross)
  • Session 1: Introduction to decision problems (David Kling)
  • Session 2: Introduction to Markov decision processes (MDPs) (Michael Springborn)
  • Day 1 wrap up (Paul L. Fackler)


  • Session 3: Solving Markov decision processes (MDPs) (Paul L. Fackler)
  • Session 4: How to learn in the context of adaptive management (Iadine Chades)


  • Recap of Day 2, introduction to Day 3 (Suzanne M. Lenhart)
  • Session 5: Discrete model adaptive management (AM) (Iadine Chades)
  • Session 6: Adaptive Management with Continuous Parameters and Conjugacy (Paul L. Fackler)


  • Session 7a: Adaptive Management and Probing (Michael Springborn)
  • Session 7b: Towards Interpretable MDP Solutions (Iadine Chades)
  • Session 7c: Density Projection (David Kling)
  • Session 8: Partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) (Iadine Chades)

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