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Participant List for NIMBioS Working Group:

Teaching Quantitative Bio

ParticipantInstitutional affiliationMeetings
Melissa AikensBiology, Univ. of Virginia1,2,4
Hannah Callender Mathematics, Univ. of Portland 2,3,4
Kam Dahlquist Biology, Loyola Marymount Univ.1,2,3,4
Joe Dauer Life Sciences Education, School of Natural Resources, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln 1,2,3,4
*Sam Donovan Biology, Univ. of Pittsburgh 1,2,3,4
*Carrie Diaz Eaton Mathematics, Unity College, Unity MA1,2,3,4
Greg Goins Biology, North Carolina A&T 1,3,4
*Kristin Jenkins Director, BioQUEST 1,2,3,4
John Jungck Biology and Math, Univ. of Delaware 1,3,4
*M. Drew LaMar Biology, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA 1,2,3,4
Glenn Ledder Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln2,3,4
Robert Mayes Education, Georgia Southern Univ.1,2,3,4
Joe Redish Physics, Univ. of Maryland 1,4
Richard SchugartWestern Kentucky Univ.1,3,4
*Group organizer
Mtg 1: October 22-24, 2015
Mtg 2: March 24-26, 2016
Mtg 3: October 6-8, 2016
Mtg 4: May 11-13, 2017
Updated 05/06/2017

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