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Travel and Reimbursement Information for Sponsored Visitors

For help and further information contact our event and travel coordinator:
Jennifer Spar,, 1-865-974-9317

What we provide

Participant support for invited visitors to NIMBioS includes:

  • Coach class airfare to and from your home/work area purchased on a U.S. Carrier over 14 days in advance unless an exception is approved by NIMBioS
  • Accommodation in a designated hotel
  • Meals
  • Mileage or ground transportation to and from airports
  • Parking
  • Extra baggage charges

For reimbursement information for local participants (faculty, staff or area participants who are not in travel status), click here.

The intent is to cover your expense. If you expect to have expense not listed, please contact us to discuss.

Travel support is subject to The University of Tennessee and NSF travel policy.

How to proceed

In order to reduce your out-of-pocket expense and ensure a smooth reimbursement process, we request that you coordinate your travel through NIMBioS. When possible we will purchase your airline ticket directly through our travel agency, World Travel. When direct purchase of airfare is not possible (for example, if your air travel includes another destination not sponsored by NIMBioS) we will work with you to establish the portion that is reimbursable and obtain the documentation required. If you plan to drive or purchase your own ticket we would like to know your travel schedule for our planning and to make sure you are registered in the hotel for the correct nights.

USDA/USGS or other Federal employees who cannot receive direct reimbursement, click here.

Air travel

In most cases, we will purchase a round-trip ticket for your travel to NIMBioS through our travel agency. Contact us with your schedule requirements at your earliest convenience, no later than 21 days before travel to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Multi-destination travel requires special handling. If you plan to combine your trip to Knoxville with air travel to another destination, we will work with you to determine the amount reimbursable by NIMBioS (these situations are not direct-billable). It is important that you contact us before you purchase a ticket as our system requires obtaining a quote for comparison that must meet certain requirements including evidence that the quote was obtained on the same date as the ticket purchase from the same source. The easiest way to accomplish this is for us to arrange your flight through our travel agency just as we would on a direct bill and let you call in with your credit card. We can then be confident of having documentation that meets our institutional requirements for reimbursement. The maximum reimbursable amount is the lesser of the actual ticket purchased and the cost of a roundtrip flight to Knoxville to meet the schedule requirements of the meeting, as though your other trip didn't exist. (Both the actual ticket and the quote must be for coach class travel in the lower range of fare options, and must be obtained from the same source on the same date.) It may be appropriate to claim less if another institution is reimbursing part of the ticket. If you believe that the reimbursement policy results in a loss to you (in the rare event that a combined ticket costs more than the sum of separate tickets) please consult us before purchasing the ticket and we will see what can be done to address the gap.

In most cases we can start the reimbursement process as soon as the ticket is purchased (an exception is international travelers who will require documentation of visa status before reimbursements can be processed).

Air travel from an airport that is not closest from your home may require supporting documentation to show that it is the more economical route. Contact us for assistance with this.


The cost of driving a private vehicle will be reimbursed at the University of Tennessee's standard mileage rate (currently $0.47/mile) provided it does not exceed the cost of air travel as established by an airfare quote that meets our institutional requirements, obtained over 14 days before travel. Please contact us to obtain a quote if you are driving from a distance of greater than 200 miles from Knoxville.

Rental cars

We recommend that you contact us before committing to a rental car. A car is not needed for local transportation in Knoxville (the hotel is a short walk from our meeting space). Travel to Knoxville from out of the area by rental car is reimbursable up to the cost of airfare supported by a quote that meets our institutional requirements along with an original, post-calculation receipt from the rental car agency. (Contact us for help with this.)

International travelers

U.S. carrier. NSF requires the use of a U.S. carrier whenever one is available.

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident we will need a copy of your passport and visa in order to process reimbursements. (Canadian citizens, only a passport is required.) If you do not reside in the U.S., you will need a B-1 or WB visa stamp. Please be aware that effective January 2009 you must apply online in advance for the WB visa.


NIMBioS will arrange your accommodation in a nearby hotel. The cost of the room (but not meals and incidentals) is normally billed to us directly. For working groups and workshops we use the Four Points Sheraton Cumberland House (1109 White Ave.), Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown (525 Henley St.), or Crowne Plaza Hotel (401 W Summit Hill Dr.).


Meals will either be provided (please advise us of any special dietary needs or preferences) or reimbursed according to the University of Tennessee rate schedule. The reimbursement is $29.50 for dinner on meeting days when breakfast and lunch are provided. Effective July 1, 2014, the travel meal per diem for the first and last day of a trip will be reimbursed at 75 percent of the daily reimbursement rate. It will no longer be calculated based on the number of hours in travel status. The current full day per diem rate is the same as the Federal CONUS rate ($59 as of 10/1/15). International travelers may prefer to be reimbursed on a receipt basis for tax purposes. If this is your preference, please obtain receipts that do not include alcohol and submit them with your reimbursement claim.

Airport transportation

We will reimburse the cost of parking and ground transportation to your home airport. In Knoxville, we will reimburse cab fare between the Tyson-McGee Airport and the hotel.


We will reimburse airport parking or hotel parking if you drove to Knoxville.


High speed Internet is available at your hotel and at NIMBioS at no cost to you.

Baggage charges

We will reimburse baggage charges.


Expense claim instructions:   .pdf
Expense claim worksheet:   .doc   .pdf

About airfare quotes and traveler-purchased tickets. (Review this if you will be arranging and purchasing your own airline ticket.)

In order to be valid for reimbursement an airline ticket receipt must include the traveler's name, complete itinerary, names of airlines, price and fare class, which must be coach or economy, and the date of purchase. Air travel must be on a U.S. carrier if one is available. (See information here about the U.S. carrier requirement and exceptions.) The receipt must show evidence that the ticket was purchased, not just reserved (such as a reference to a credit card payment). If the ticket will be submitted for reimbursement in advance of travel, the receipt must show that it is nonrefundable. (Advance reimbursement may not be available for international travelers, as an entry visa is required.) The most reliable way to ensure a smooth reimbursement is to use our designated travel agency, World Travel.

A quote for comparison must contain the complete itinerary, names of airlines, price and fare class, which must be coach or economy, and must be dated the same date as the ticket actually used and be obtained from the same source. It should meet the schedule requirements of the hypothetical trip and be selected from the lower range of fare options, with the itinerary matching your actual intinerary for the part of the trip that is the same, if that can be done without unreasonable effort or cost. Again, if you use our travel agency they can provide you with an acceptable quote.

Reimbursements for combined NIMBioS/non-NIMBioS travel based on comparisons are limited to the maximum of the actual ticket used and the quote for comparison. If another institution is reimbursing part of the ticket, you should not request more than the balance.


Expense claim instructions:   .pdf
Expense claim worksheet   .doc   .pdf
Institutional reimbursement instructions:   .pdf
Information for local participants:   .pdf
Printable version of this page:   .doc   .pdf
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