Congratulations Dr. Hickling, Scholar of the Week

Graham J. Hickling, director of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Wildlife Health and associate director of NIMBioS, was named the University of Tennessee Quest’s Scholar of the Week for July 30, 2010. Hickling recently received a National Science Foundation Emerging Infectious Disease award for his research on Lyme disease. His study, in collaboration with researchers at several other universities (total amount for all collaborators: $2.5 million), will compare ecological factors that might affect Lyme disease prevalence in the eastern United States. This project contributes to his current research program on the ecology and management of tick-borne diseases. Hickling is studying several of the serious tick-vectored diseases in Tennessee, including ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Southern tick associated rash illness. He has also studied the ecology of bovine tuberculosis and other wildlife diseases that afflict humans.

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