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Participant List for NIMBioS Investigative Workshop:

Algebraic Mathematical Biology, July 25-27, 2016

ParticipantInstitutional affiliation
Olcay AkmanMathematics, Illinois State Univ.
Yang CaoComputer Science, Virginia Tech
Timothy ComarMathematics, Benedictine Univ.
Ruchira DattaMBI, Ohio State Univ.
Robin DaviesBiology, Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Stefan ForceyMathematics, Univ. of Akron
Brendan FryApplied Mathematics, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Vitaly GanusovMicrobiology, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville
Aaron GarrettComputer Science, Jacksonville State Univ.
Urmi Ghosh-DastidarMathematics, New York City College of Technology
*Chad GiustiMathematics, Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Greg GoinsBiology, North Carolina A&T State Univ.
Gaby HamerlinckQUBES, BioQUEST
Marshall HamptonMathematics and Statistics; Integrated Biosciences Program, Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth
Daniel HrozencikMathematics, Chicago State Univ.
*Natasha JonoskaMathematics, South Florida
John Jungck Biological Sciences, Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Univ. of Delaware
*Debra KnisleyMathematics, East Tennessee State Univ.
*Jeff KnisleyMathematics & Stats, East Tennessee State Univ.
Drew LaMarBiology, College of William & Mary
Matthew Macauley Mathematical Sciences, Clemson Univ., SC
Joseph MahaffyApplied Mathematics, San Diego State Univ.
*Katherine MorrisonMathematics, UNCO
Greta PangbornComputer Science, St. Michael's College
Jim PetersonBiological Sciences and Mathematics, Clemson Univ.
Manda RiehlMathematics, Univ. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Raina Robeva Mathematics, Randolph-Macon College, VA
Jonathan RowellMathematics & Statistics, Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro
Susmita SadhuMathematics, Georgia College & State Univ.
Widodo SamyonoMathematics, Jarvis Christian College
Amanda Schaeffer FryMetropolitan State Univ. of Denver
Gregory SmithApplied Science, College of William and Mary
Caz TaylorEEB, Tulane Univ.
Emilie WiesnerMathematics, Ithaca College
Tarynn WittenBiological Complexity; Emergency Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Workshop organizer
*Workshop speaker

Updated 07/29/2016

NIMBioS Investigative Workshops include up to 35 participants, of which up to 17 are pre-selected by the organizers; the remainder are selected through an open application process.

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