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Participant List for NIMBioS Investigative Workshop:

Malaria Modeling and Control, Jun 15-18, 2011

ParticipantInstitutional affiliation
Fola Agusto* Mathematics, NIMBioS
Erika Asano Mathematics, Univ. of South Florida
Frederick Baliraine* School of Medicine, Univ. of California, San Francisco
Lindsay Beck-Johnson Entomology, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Kbenesh Blayneh Mathematics, Florida A&M Univ.
Christophe Boete Computer Science, Mathematics & Science, American Univ. of Paris
Farida Chamchod Mathematics, Univ. of Miami
Sara Del Valle Los Alamos National Laboratory
Moussa Doumbia Mathematics, Howard University
Abdou Drame Mathematics, LaGuardia College of The City Univ. of New York
Kevin Drury Life Sciences, Bethel College
Scott Duke-Sylvester Biology, Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette
Andrew Githeko Center for Global Health Research; Kenya Medical Research Institute
Maria Jacirema Goncalves Univ. Fed. Amazonas
Hongfei Gong Oxitec Limit
Megan Greischar Entomology, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Pahala Kusumawathie Anti Malaria Campaign, Sri Lanka
Nianpeng Li Mathematics, Howard University
Isaac Lyatuu Mathematics, Tennessee State Univ.
Laura Matrajt Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Washington
Jemal Mohammed-Awel Mathematics & Computer Science, Valdosta State Univ.
Ephantus Muturi Medical Entomology, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Calistus Ngonghala Mathematics, Univ. of West Virginia
Gideon Ngwa Mathematics, Univ. Buea, Cameroon
Eric Numfor Mathematics, Univ. of Tennessee
Olumide Ogundahunsi World Health Organization
Patricia Okorie Univ. of Ibadan
Bonsu Osei Mathematics & Computer Science, Eastern Connecticut State Univ.
Olivia Prosper Mathematics, Univ. of Florida
Arnold Salvacion Strategic Planning & Policy Studies, Univ.the Philippines, Los Banos
Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem* Mathematics, Lafayette College
Dorothy Wallace Mathematics, Dartmouth College
Thomas Yuster Mathematics, Lafayette College
Ruijun Zhao Computer Science, Purdue Univ.
*Workshop organizers

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