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Participant List for NIMBioS Investigative Workshop:

Stoichiometric Ecotoxicology, January 17-19, 2018

ParticipantInstitutional affiliation
Chiara Accolla Univ. of Minnesota, Saint-Paul/Minneapolis
Philipp AntczakInstitute for Integrative Biology, Univ. of Liverpool
Bryan BrooksEnvironmental Science, Baylor Univ.
Dave CostelloCenter for Ecology & Natural Resource Sustainability, Kent State Univ.
Michael DangerLab. Interdisciplinaire des Environnements Continentaux, Univ. de Lorraine
Rebecca EverettMathematics, North Carolina State Univ.
Kevin FloresMathematics, North Carolina State Univ.
*Paul Frost Biology, Trent Univ., Canada
Christopher HeggerudMathematics, Univ. of Alberta
Yun KangSchool of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State Univ.
Roxanne KarimiSchool of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stonybrook Univ.
Yang KuangMathematics, Arizona State Univ.
James Larson Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Teresa MathewsEcological Assessment Group, Oak Ridge National Lab
Greg MayerEnvironmental Toxicology, Texas Tech Univ.
Justin MurdockBiology, Tennessee Tech Univ.
Cheryl Murphy Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State Univ.
Roger NisbetEcology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
*Angela Peace Mathematics and Statistics, Texas Tech Univ.
Nathan Pollesch U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Erica Rutter Mathematics, North Carolina State Univ.
Kimberly SchulzEnvironmental Science & Forestry, State Univ. of New York (SUNY), Syracuse
Thad ScottBiology, Baylor Univ.
Louise StevensonEcology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Nicole WagnerBiological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell univ.
Hao WangMathematical and Statistical Sciences, Univ. Alberta
*Workshop organizers

Updated 01/18/2018

NIMBioS Investigative Workshops include up to 35 participants, of which up to 17 are pre-selected by the organizers; the remainder are selected through an open application process.

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