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Participant List for Joint NIMBioS-SESYNC Working Group:

Human Risk Perception and Climate Change

ParticipantInstitutional affiliationNIMBioS Mtgs
Rob Axtell George Mason Univ.
George Backus Sandia National Labs
*Brian Beckage Univ. of Vermont2,5
Ann Bostrom Univ. of Washington
David Budescu Psychology, Fordham Univ.
Eric CarrNIMBioS2,5
Nina FeffermanEcology and Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee2,5
Travis FranckClimate Interactive2,5**
Robert Glass Sandia National Laboratories
*Louis Gross NIMBioS and Univ. of Tennessee 2,5
Forrest Hoffman Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Climate Change Science Inst.2,5
Peter HoweEnvironment & Society, Utah State Univ.2
Eugenia Kalnay Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, Univ. of Maryland
Ann Kinzig Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State Univ.
Katherine LacassePsychology, Rhode Island College2,5
*Sara MetcalfGeography, The State Univ. of New York, Buffalo2,5
Safa MotesharreiUniversity of Maryland
Benjamin Preston Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Climate Change Science Inst.
Elizabeth Sewain Climate Interactive
C. Adam SchlosserClimate Interactive2
Raj Shah Bowdoin College
Jonathan Winter Climate Interactive2,5**
*Asim Zia Univ. of Vermont 2,5
*Group organizer

Mtg 1: Jun 24-26, 2013 at SESYNC
Mtg 2: Jan 21-23, 2014 at NIMBioS
Mtg 3: Jun 9-11, 2014 at SESYNC
Mtg 4: Jul 28-31, 2015 at SESYNC
Mtg 5: Jul 25-27, 2016 at NIMBioS

Updated 07/29/2016

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