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Eaton et al. In press (2017). "Rule of Five" framework for models and modeling to unify mathematicians and biologists and improve student learning. PRIMUS.


Mayes R. 2017. Quantitative Reasoning in Undergraduate Biology. HHMI Advancing Science Students Mastery of Quantitative Skills. Invited talk from HHMI, Chevy Chase, MD.

Mayes R. 2016. NABT Workshop. Expert quantitative reasoning consultant for full day workshop. Denver, CO.

Mayes R. 2016. Invited presentation. Research on Impact of Undergraduate Biology Courses on Student Modeling Ability. HHMI Quantitative Biology/BioQuest/QUBES Conference. North Carlolina State University.

Mayes R. 2016. Session: Teaching of Modeling – Quantitative Reasoning and Modeling in the Sciences. BEER National Conference, Charleston, SC.

Mayes R. 2015. Invited presentation. Quantitative Reasoning: Interdisciplinary STEM 21st Century Reasoning Modality. HHMI Quantitative Biology Conference. Harvey Mudd and Pitzer Colleges.


Dauer J,Mayes R. 2017. Quantitative Biology Assessment of Model Reasoning (QBAM). Spencer Foundation. $49,915. Pending.


Mayes R, Dauer J. 2017. Quantitative Biology - Quantitative Modeling Assessment. Diagnostic assessment and associated interview protocol piloted Fall 2017.

Mayes R, Dauer J. 2016. Quantitative Biology - Quantitative Interpretation and Quantitative Modeling Assessment. Diagnostic assessment piloted Fall 2016.

Mayes R, Dauer J. 2016. Quantitative Biology - Quantitative Act and Quantitative Literacy Assessment. Diagnostic assessment of pre-requisite quantitative skills. Piloted Fall 2016.

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