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Participant List for NIMBioS Working Group:

Hierarchies in Conservation

Participant Institutional affiliation Expertise Meetings
Diogo André Alagador Center on Biodiversity, Univ. of Évora, Portugal Conservation, spatial optimization, biodiversity1
Heidi Jo Albers Conservation economics, Univ. of Wyoming ENR, Development Economics, Ecological Economics 1,2,3
*Paul Armsworth Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee Conservation, mathematical modeling1,2,3
Charlotte Chang NIMBioS Socio-ecological systems 1,2,3
Bistra Dilkina Computational Science & Engineering, Georgia Inst. of Technology Computational problems in optimization, network ecology1,2,3
Sahan T.M. Dissanayake Economics, Colby College, Portland State Univ. Operations research, economics1,2
Rachel FovargueEcology and Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennesseeecology, mathematical modeling, conservation biology, natural resource management 2,3
Xingli Giam Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Conservation ecology, global environmental change 1,2
Kate Helmstedt Mathematical Sciences. Queensland Univ. of Technology, Australia Applied mathematics, mathematical ecology1,2,3
*Kailin Kroetz Resources for the Future Operations research, economics1,2,3
*Christoph Nolte Earth and the Environment, Boston Univ. Geospatial environmental data, data analysis1,2,3
Leticia Ochoa-Ochoa Evolutionary Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Biogeography, biodiversity data1,3
Mona Papes Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Ecology and conservation; GIS and remote sensing 1,2,3
Charles Sims Baker Center for Public Policy; Economics, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Applied microeconomic theory 1,2,3
Jorge Soberón Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Kansas Biodiversity policy and governance, biodiversity data and species distributions1
Gwen Spencer Mathematics & Statistics, Smith CollegeCombinatorial optimization and approximation algorithms 1,2
*Group organizer
Mtg 1: November 13-15, 2017
Mtg 2: May 16-18, 2018
Mtg 3: Jan 16-18, 2019
Updated 01/18/2019

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