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Participant List for NIMBioS Working Group:

Multiscale Modeling of the Life Cycle of Toxoplasma gondii

ParticipantInstitutional affiliationMeetings
Gustavo Arrizabalaga Biological Sciences, Univ. of Idaho1,4
Jason BintzMathematics, Univ. of Tennessee2,3
Michael Gilchrist Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee1,2,3,4
Cecile Gotteland Ecology, Univ. of Lyon, France4
Emmanuelle Gilot-Fromont Veterinary Public Health, Sant Publique Veterinaire1,2,4
Zhilan Feng* Mathematics, Purdue Univ.1,2
Sandra Halonen Microbiology, Montana State Univ. 3,4
Michel Langlais l'UFR Sciences et Modélisation, Univ. de Bordeaux II1,2
Maud Lélu NIMBioS3,4
Suzanne Lenhart Mathematics, Univ. of Tennessee1,2,3,4
Dana Mordue* Microbiology & Immunology, New York Medical College1,2,3,4
Claudia Munoz-Zanzi School of Public Health, Univ. of Minnesota 2,3,4
Virginia Pasour Biomathematics, Army Research Office1
Benjamin Rosenthal Agricultural Research Service, USDA1,3,4
Chunlei Su* Microbiology, Univ. of Tennessee1,2,3,4
Adam SullivanMathematics, Univ. of Tennessee2,3
Yasuhiro Suzuki Microbiology, Univ. of Kentucky1,2
Matt TurnerMathematics, Univ. of Tennessee2,3
Jorge Velasco-Hernandez Applied Mathematics and Computing, Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo1,2,3,4
Dashun Xu Mathematics, Southern Illinois Univ.1
Xiaopeng Zhao* Biomedical Engineering, Univ. of Tennessee1,2,3,4
*Group organizer
Mtg 1: May 16-18, 2011
Mtg 2: Mar 12-14, 2012
Mtg 3: Dec 17-19, 2012
Mtg 4: Jul 23-25, 2013
Updated 07/25/13

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