NIMBioS Congratulates New Postdocs

Five new postdoctoral fellows will arrive at NIMBioS in the coming months to begin their research at the interface of mathematics and biology. They include:

  • Juanjuan Chai, Mathematics, Indiana Univ. (starting July), Project: “Identifiability of statistical models and consistency of maximum parsimony in phylogenetics”
  • Orou Gaoue, Biology, Univ. of Miami (starting June), Project: “Integrating new developments in stochastic demography to modeling the ecological impacts of non-timber forest products harvest”
  • Andrew Kanarek, Biology, Colorado State Univ. (starting August), Project: “An integrated theoretical analysis of the influence of individual trait variation on the
  • dynamics and persistence of small populations”
  • Calistus Ngonghala, Mathematics, West Virginia Univ. (starting July), Project: “A new model with vector demography for the dynamics of malaria transmission”
  • Daniel Ryan, Mathematics, Univ. of Miami (starting August), Project: “Investigating the effects of movement strategies on the population dynamics of multi-trophic ecological communities”

Postdoctoral applications are reviewed three times per year, and the selected researchers are offered positions at NIMBioS where they conduct research that is mostly self-directed. Request deadlines are March 1, September 1, and December 17 for activities beginning six months later. For more information about postdoctoral fellowships at NIMBioS and the application process, click here.


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