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Description Participants Agenda (TBA)

NIMBioS Tutorial

Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Biological Models


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Topic: Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Biological Models

Meeting dates: May 19-21, 2014

Location: NIMBioS at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Ariel Cintron-Arias, Mathematics and Statistics, East Tennessee State Univ.
Marisa Eisenberg, Epidemiology and Mathematics, Univ. of Michigan
Paul Hurtado, Mathematical Biosciences Inst., Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, The Ohio State Univ.

Objectives: Modeling biological data requires powerful mathematical and statistical tools and techniques. This tutorial is for biologists interested in doing statistics with more complex non-linear models of their data and for mathematicians interested in learning how to apply their modeling skills to the unique demands of real dynamic biological data. Methods for parameter estimation that will be taught include maximum likelihood and ordinary least squares. Additional tools of model identifiability and sensitivity analysis will be covered. Through a mixture of introductory instruction and hands-on computer-based learning, participants will learn software and tools they can use for biological data. Familiarity with simple differential equation models or difference equation models is a prerequisite.

Descriptive Flyer (pdf)

Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Biological Models WordPress Site. NIMBioS has created a WordPress site to facilitate group communication and information sharing for the tutorial. This is an interactive tool for sharing resources and comments before, during and after the meeting. All participants will receive an official email from WordPress inviting you to join the site. You will be asked to click on the link in the email from WordPress to accept the invitation. Before the meeting, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the rest of the group by writing a post with some details about your background and what you hope to gain from the meeting. Full details on how to post, comment and upload files to the WordPress site are available at the site (