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REU and REV Program: Participant Profiles

NIMBioS sponsored a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and a Research Experience for Veterinary Students (REV) program for eight weeks this summer. Four veterinary students, 10 undergraduate majors in math, biology, and related fields and two high school teachers worked in teams with professors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to conduct research at the interface between math and biology. Participants were paid a stipend, and a housing and travel allowance was provided. They worked in the lab and in the field and learned how to write computer programs to model their research findings mathematically. As one participant put it, "I learned about mathematical/spatial modeling using computer software that I hadn't used before, and also learned a lot more about the process of investigating data associations in a mathematically rigorous way. It was a great learning experience!" Click on the names below for more comments from some of the REV/REV participants.

Cameron Auker photo. Cameron Auker
Major(s): Applied Mathematics and Mathematics
School: Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia
Hometown: Ephrata, PA
REU/REV Research Project: Modeling predictors of geographic distribution of Campylobacter infections in East Tennessee

Twyla Benally photo. Twyla "Zoey" Benally
Degrees: BS Environmental Health, Colorado State University; MPH, University of New Mexico; DVM, Washington State University.
Hometown: Shiprock, NM and Pullman, WA
REU/REV Research Project: Modeling an Amblyomma americanum (Lone Star Tick) population for effective disease management

Kimberly Dunn photo. Kimberly Dunn
Degrees: BS Biology/Secondary Education, East Tennessee State University
Current Position: Teaching biology, Ecology, and AP Biology to grades 9-12 at Clinton High School, Clinton, TN
Hometown: Andersonville, TN
REU/REV Research Project: Modeling trends in plant data to find a safer way to treat fungus on food crops using biological means.

Revorn Ferguson photo. Revorn Ferguson
Major(s): Mathematics and Biology
School: North Carolina AT&T State University
Hometown: Freeport, Bahamas
REU/REV Research Project: Codon Usage Bias

Vishnupriya Khatri photo. Vishnupriya Khatri
Major(s): Biology
School: Duke University
Hometown: Durham, NC
REU/REV Research Project: Codon Usage Bias

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