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Visitors at NIMBioS in 2016

Short-term visitors to NIMBioS are supported for periods up to one week to assist their efforts in carrying out research that conforms to the mission of NIMBioS to foster research at the interface between mathematics and biology.
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Visitor/Sabbatical Archive

Visitor photo.
(L to R) Burton, Franco, Hilker, Lenhart

Daniel Franco (Applied Mathematics, The National University of Distance Education, Spain); Frank Hilker (Germany/Institute of Applied Systems, Osnabruck Univ.)

Project Title: When to harvest seasonally reproducing species.

Franco and Hilker are collaborating with Suzanne Lenhart and Danielle Burton, a graduate student in math at UT, on a project to apply optimal control theory to population models.

Visit Dates: December 14-21, 2016

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Avner Friedman (Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Ohio State Univ.)

Avner Friedman gave a seminar at NIMBioS.

Seminar Title: Tuberculosis and the immune system

Visit Dates: December 6, 2016

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Sergei Petrovskii (Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Leicester)

Project Title: Mathematical models of socio-ecology

Sergei Petrovskii is collaborating with Sergey Gavrilets to develop and expand research in modeling social processes and animal dynamics across space and time. He also gave a seminar talk.

Visit Dates: November 6-17, 2016

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Michael Reed (Biology, Tufts Univ.)

Project Title: Evaluating resilience and vulnerability in biological systems.

Michael Reed is collaborating on a project with Nina Fefferman to use network tools to evaluate vulnerability of the life‚Äźcycle networks of migratory birds and early warning signals of tipping points in chronically stressed populations.

Visit Dates: November 1-30, 2016

Visitor photo.
(L to R) Ver Hoef, Nels Johnson

Jay Ver Hoef (National Marine Mammal Lab, NOAA)

Seminar Title: Modern spatial statistics: Basis functions, convolutions, and big data

As a NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor, Ver Hoef gave a seminar and visited with postdoctoral fellows.

Visit Dates: October 17-19, 2016

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(L to R) Panayotova, Miller, Chuang, Sheldon, Zhao

Laura Miller (Mathematics and Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill); Angela Chuang (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee); Kimberly Sheldon (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Univ. of Tennessee); Longhua Zhao (Mathematics, Case Western Univ.); Iordanka Panayotova (Mathematics, Virginia Wesleyan College)

Project Title: The aerodynamics of spider takeoff and ballooning

This group, which formed as a sub-group from the NIMBioS Research Collaboration Workshop for Women in Mathematical Biology in 2015, is using computational fluid dynamics to understand the physics of ballooning used in dispersal and to solve the fully-coupled fluid-structure interaction problem of flexible, charged draglines attached to negatively buoyant spiders.

Visit Dates: October 16-19, 2016

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Mark W. Moffett (National Museum of Natural History)

Seminar Title: How a shift in social identity made enormous societies possible: An overlooked turning point in human evolution

Mark W. Moffett gave a seminar and visited with postdoctoral fellows.

Visit Dates: October 11-12, 2016

Visitor photo.

Clint Leach (Biology, Colorado State Univ.)

Project Title: A review of nonparametric Bayesian methods in ecology

Clint Leach is collaborating with NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Nels Johnson on a project to identify the extent to which nonparametric Bayesian methods have been proposed and used to tackle ecological problems, identify obstacles preventing the methods' adoption and use, and identify problems well-suited to the methods' use.

Visit Dates: August 14-20, 2016

Visitor photo.
(L to R) Han, O'Regan

Barbara Han (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies)

Project Title: Machine learning and mathematical modeling of pace of life in disease ecology

Barbara Han is collaborating with NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Suzanne O'Regan on a project to construct trait-based mathematical models to examine how variation in the pace-of-life across species influences disease dynamics.

Visit Dates: July 18-22, 2016

Visitor photo.
(L to R) Ngonghala, Numfor, Lenhart

Calistus Ngonghala (Mathematics, Univ. of Florida); Eric Numfor (Mathematics, Augusta Univ.)

Project Title: Using optimal control techniques in a malaria model to design management strategies

Calistus Ngonghala and Eric Numfor are collaborating on a project with Suzanne Lenhart to develop models for optimal control management and treatment of malaria.

Visit Dates: July 18-22, 2016

Visitor photo.

Michael Renton (School of Plant Biology, Univ. of Western Australia)

Project Title: Evolutionary modeling of optimal plant structure and growth

Michael Renton is collaborating with NIMBioS sabbatical fellow Chuck Price to investigate why plants grow the way they do in a range of specific conditions and environments.

Visit Dates: May 15-June 20, 2016

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Urszula Ledzewicz (Mathematics and Statistics, Southern Illinois Univ., Edwardsville, and Lodz Univ. of Technology, Poland; NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor)

Seminar Title: Optimal protocols for combination therapies in cancer: How much, how often, in what sequence?

Visit Dates: April 18-20, 2016

Visitor photo.

Michael Whitlock (Zoology, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver; NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor)

Seminar Title: Selection in complex spatial settings

Visit Dates: April 12, 2016

Visitor photo.
(back) Lauren Gollahon, Anton Weisstein; (front) Qingxia Li, Xinyao Yang

Qingxia Li (Mathematics, Fisk Univ.); Lauren Gollahon (Biology, Texas Tech Univ.); Anton Weisstein (Biology Education, Truman State Univ.) and Xinyao Yang (Mathematics, Univ. of Missouri).

Project Title: Integrating and writing case studies for teaching college math and biology

This group is collaborating with Suzanne Lenhart and Louis Gross to promote the development of materials and practices for case teaching in mathematics and biology.

Visit Dates: March 31- April 3, 2016

Visitor photo.
(L to R): Hoban, Lumibao, McLachlan

Candice Lumibao (Ecology, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities); Sean Hoban (The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL); and Jason McLachlan (Biological Sciences, Univ. of Notre Dame)

Project Title: Synthesis of genetic diversity patterns in Europe and Eastern North America

This group is collaborating on a project to synthesize and analyze existing data from phylogeographic studies in eastern North America and test, evaluate, improve and apply new statistics for comparative work with Europe.

Visit Dates: March 23-25, 2016
Summary report

Visitor photo.

Erida Gjini (Mathematical Biology, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Portugal)

Project Title: Exploring host immunity and antibiotic resistance in treatment dynamics of TB

Erida Gjini is collaborating on a project with Vitaly Ganusov to develop mathematical models for optimal treatment dynamics of infections with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Visit Dates: March 20-27, 2016

Visitor photo.

Noelle Beckman (National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center)

Project Title: Using theory to understand elements of plant life history and coexistence.

Noelle Beckman is collaborating on a project with NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Caroline Farrior to combine strengths in simulation, statistical, and mathematical modeling to understanding of empirical patterns of plant mortality and dispersal.

Visit Dates: March 16-18, 2015

Visitor photo.

Eleanor Brush, Biology, Univ. of Maryland

Project Title: Modeling the evolution of recognition systems

Eleanor Brush is a self-supported visitor collaborating with NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Elizabeth Hobson to develop a model to improve understanding of animal recognition systems and sociality.

Visit Dates: March 7-10, 2016

Jason Hoeksema (Biology, Univ. of Mississippi); Dan Doak (Environmental Studies, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder); and Christopher Steenbock (EEB, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder)

Visitor photo.
(L to R): Doak, Steenbock, Rua, Hoeksema

Project Title: Using demographic data to assess population trends of a native Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) and the potential consequences of ectomycorrhizal succession on forest dynamics

This group is collaborating with NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Megan Rúa on a project to utilize an existing dataset tracking population dynamics of Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) over a 13 year period in order to create population dynamic models that incorporate ectomycorrhizal fungal communities.

Visit Dates: March 2-6, 2016

Anita Layton (Math, Duke Univ.); Aurelie Edwards (Laboratory of Metabolism and Renal Physiology, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, France); Jennifer Sullivan (Physiology, Georgia Regents Univ.); Ying Chen (Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics); Veronica Ciocanel (Applied Mathematics, Brown Univ.); and Tracy Stepien (Mathematics and Statistics, Arizona State Univ.)

Visitor photo.
(L to R): Chen, Edwards, Layton, Sullivan (laptop), Ciocanel, Stepien, and Sgouralis

Project Title: Blood flow autoregulation in the kidney

This group, which also includes NIMBioS postdoctoral fellow Ioannis Sgouralis, is collaborating on two projects modeling blood flow in the kidney: (1) a model of a key autoregulatory process in the kidney and (2) a model to simulate blood flow in hypertensive kidneys in male and female rats to gain a better understanding of gender differences in hypertension. The project was initiated during the Research Collaboration Workshop for Women in Mathematical Biology at NIMBioS in June 2015.

Visit Dates: February 25-28, 2016

Visitor photo.

Maria Servedio (Biology, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Maria Servedio visited to collaborate with Sergey Gavrilets and to present a seminar, Models and Mechanisms of Male Mate Choice.

Visit Dates: February 16, 2016

Video icon. Watch seminar online.

Visitor photo.
(L to R): Strand, Hoban

Sean Hoban (Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL) and Allan Strand (Biology, College of Charleston)

Project Title: An extensible, general framework for population genetic simulation using R
Sean Hoban and Allan Strand are collaborating on a project to lay ground for future studies as well as make better use of existing datasets for synthesizing knowledge of how species respond to climate change.
Visit Dates: February 15-19, 2016
Summary report

Visitors work on-site at NIMBioS and may link the visit with a Working Group or other activity at NIMBioS. Visitors receive reimbursement for travel and housing expenses as well as a per diem.

Applications can include any type of interdisciplinary synthesis project, but NIMBioS particularly welcomes collaborative projects. Such collaborations might involve NIMBioS resident researchers or staff or local researchers; joint applications from two or more researchers to spend time together at NIMBioS; or applications from participants in other NIMBioS activities to work on their project with NIMBioS computational science staff.

Applications are considered four times a year, with deadlines on March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. Applications are evaluated in terms of both the scientific value of the project and the qualifications of the applicant. Particular priority is given to students and junior researchers.

For more information about short-term visits and how to apply, click here.

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