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Collaborator photo.

UT and ORNL Senior NIMBioS Collaborators

UT and ORNL Senior NIMBioS Collaborators serve as a pool of possible postdoctoral mentors for NIMBioS as well as provide local expertise in a variety of fields related to potential working groups. All have agreed to assist the Institute as appropriate, with possible release-time funding provided by UT when needed to support Institute Activities.

GRA photo.

NIMBioS Graduate Research Assistants

Several graduate students at the University of Tennessee undertake research at NIMBioS. Requests for support are considered in the spring semester of each year for funding in the subsequent academic year. The deadline is February 1 for assistantship activities beginning in August of each year.

Visitor photo.

Short-term Visitors at NIMBioS

Short-term visitors to NIMBioS are supported for periods up to one week to assist their efforts in carrying out research that conforms to the mission of NIMBioS to foster research at the interface between mathematics and biology. Applications for Short-term Visits are considered 4 times a year with the following deadlines for submitting the requests: February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.

Sabbatical photo.

Sabbatical Fellows at NIMBioS

NIMBioS supports several Sabbatical Fellows each year. These individuals come to NIMBioS for a few months to a year with the length of stay determined by the objectives of the proposed project. Requests for NIMBioS support for sabbatical fellows are considered two times per year, with deadlines on March 1 and September 1 for activities beginning six months later.

Grad fellow photo.

NIMBioS Visiting Graduate Student Fellows

NIMBioS offers fellowships for visits for up to several months by graduate students interested in pursuing research with NIMBioS Affiliate Faculty, postdoctoral fellows or working group participants. The program is designed to facilitate graduate student training while fostering research at the interface of mathematics and biology. Applications are accepted and considered year-round.