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NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow

Robin Taylor

Robin Taylor photo. Dates: May 2016 – present
Phone: 865-974-4981
Project Title: Development and validation of the Quantitative Biology Concept Inventory

Robin T. Taylor (Educational Psychology, Educational Research Methods and Analysis, Auburn University, 2012) is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Science Education Research and Evaluation for the National Institute for STEM Evaluation & Research (NISER) who is assisting in the development and validation of a Quantitative Biology Concept Inventory (QBCI). The QBCI is intended as a diagnostic tool to identify misconceptions of calculus concepts for students enrolled in life science courses and to evaluate mathematical comprehension of students in the life sciences when learning mathematical concepts in a biological context. Once finalized, the QBCI will be disseminated on a broad scale for use in mathematical education, particularly in courses geared toward students interested in the life sciences.

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