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NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellow

Lauren Smith-Ramesh

Lauren Smith-Ramesh photo. Dates: October 2016 - present
Phone: 865-974-4980
Personal website
Project Title: Invasive plants in a food-web context: Indirect effects on native communities and ecosystems

Lauren Smith-Ramesh (Biology, Indiana Univ., 2014) is investigating invasive plants in a food-web context and the direct and indirect effects to native communities and ecosystems.

NIMBioS Profile: Q&A with Dr. Smith-Ramesh

NIMBioS Seminar: Placing species invasions in a food web context: A new twist on old invasion hypotheses
Video icon.Watch seminar online.

Video Interview: Food webs and species invasions

Publications while at NIMBioS

  • Smith-Ramesh LM. In press. Book Review: Leslie Anthony, The aliens among us: How invasive species are transforming the planet – and ourselves. Biological Invasions. [Online]
  • Delavaux CS, Smith-Ramesh LM, and Kuebbing SE. In press. Beyond nutrients: A meta-analysis of the diverse effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plants and soils. Ecology. [Online]
  • Smith-Ramesh LM. 2017. Invasive plant alters community and ecosystem dynamics by promoting native predators. Ecology. doi:10.1002/ecy.168. [Online]
  • Smith-Ramesh LM, Reynolds HL. 2017. The next frontier of plant-soil feedback research: unraveling context dependence across biotic and abiotic gradients. Journal of Vegetation Science. [Online]

Presentations while at NIMBioS

  • Smith-Ramesh, LM. April 2017. Food web properties and the causes and consequences of species invasions. American Mathematical Society Central Sectional Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana.

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