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NIMBioS Past Postdoctoral Fellow

Suzanne O'Regan

Suzanne O'Regan photo. Dates: January 2015 – August 2016
Personal Website
Twitter: @SuzanneMORegan
Project Title: A mathematical framework for elucidating the impact of environmental drivers on the incidence of emerging and re-emerging pathogens

Suzanne O'Regan (Applied Mathematics, University College Cork, Ireland, 2011) is developing a mathematical framework to elucidate the influence of changing environmental drivers on infectious disease risk. After completing her fellowship, O'Regan joined the Department of Mathematics at North Carolina A&T State University as an assistant professor.

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Feature article: Parasitic disease: Contact rates, competition matter in transmission

Video Interview: Tipping points in epidemics

Publications while at NIMBioS

  • Sims C, Finnoff D, O'Regan SM. 2016. Public control of rational and unpredictable epidemics. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Online]
  • O'Regan SM, Lillie JW, Drake JM. 2015. Leading indicators of mosquito-borne disease elimination. Theoretical Ecology: pp. 1-18. [Online]
  • O'Regan SM, Vinson JE, Park A. 2015. Interspecific contact and competition may affect the strength and direction of disease-diversity relationships for directly transmitted microparasites. The American Naturalist 186(4):480–494. [Online]

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