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Modern Math Workshop and Mini-Courses 2012 Schedule

(Printable pdf)

TimeUndergraduate Mini-CoursesModern Math Workshop
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
1:00-1:25MiniCourse 1 & 2 ConcurrentTalk 1 (SAMSI)
1:30-1:55Talk 2 (MBI)
2:00-2:25Talk 3 (MSRI)
2:45-3:10MiniCourse 1 & 2 ConcurrentTalk 4 (IMA)
3:15-3:40Talk 5 (ICERM)
4:15-5:00KEYNOTE: Mariel Vasquez, SFSU
5:15-6:25Math Institutes Panel
Thursday, October 11, 2012
9:00-9:25Talk 6 (IAS-PCMI)
9:30-9:55Talk 7 (NIMBioS)
10:00-10:25Talk 8 (IPAM)
11:00-noon Information Session with Sponsors


KEYNOTE: Mariel Vazquez (San Francisco State Univ.), DNA Unknotting and Unlinking

SAMSI: James Nagy (Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory Univ.), Large Scale Scientific Computing Problems in Medical Imaging (1:00-1:25 pm, Oct 10)

MBI: Paul Hurtado, Immune-Pathogen Dynamics & Modelling Simple Multispecies Interactions (1:30-1:55 pm, Oct 10)

MSRI: Micah Warren (Princeton Univ.), Optimal Transport and Geometry (2:00-2:25 pm, Oct 10)

IMA: Gabriela Martinez Lopez, Optimization Problems with Probabilistic Constraints (2:45-3:10 pm, Oct 10)

ICERM: Jessica Purcell, Low-dimensional Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics (3:15-3:40 pm, Oct 10)

IAS (PCMI): Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford Univ.), The World of Modern Geometry - Some Problems and Applications (9:00-9:25 am, Oct 11)

NIMBioS: Calistus Ngonghala, The Role of Stochasticity and Safety Nets in Breaking Disease-induced Poverty Traps (9:30-9:55 am, Oct 11)

IPAM: Tatiana Toro, Interactions between Analysis and Geometry (10:00-10:25 am, Oct 11)