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Supplementary Material for Computational Thinking in Biology

Presented at All Students Session at National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Professional Development Conference, Denver, November 2009

Some Freely Available Resources:

Biology-in-a-Box ( On-line instructional materials to accompany boxes containing many hands-on activities for high-school biology tied into standards for both biology and mathematics.

BioQUEST ( Large collection of resources on simulations in many areas of biology, including the BioQUEST Library Online, a peer-reviewed community publication of software simulations, tools, and datasets, and Biological ESTEEM (Excel Simulations and Tools for Exploratory, Experiential Mathematics), a collection of freely downloadable modules in many areas of biology.

Concord Consortium ( Collection of resources including software for simulations and probeware useful in teaching biology and other subjects.

iPlant Collaborative ( Modules that integrate mathematics into high school biology and biology into mathematics and distributed research projects for precollege and higher education levels.

General Biology Modules ( Modules for many sections of General Biology courses to illustrate new insight from high school level math.

Netlogo ( Collection of easily used simulation models for many problems in biology, chemistry, physics, etc. all using agent-based approaches. Able to run in a browser, but also available for download and the code to be modified.

Shodor Foundation ( Includes many resources for computational science education.

Society for Mathematical Biology ( Links to many programs and instructional resources for mathematics in biology.

Reports on Quantitative Biology Education:

BIO2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists. National Academies report (2003) encouraging interdisciplinary education (

Vision and Change Transforming Undergraduate Education in Biology: Mobilizing the Community for Change ( Reports on conversations to reinvigorate undergraduate biology education.

Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians (HHMI and AAMC) ( Report on both medical school and undergraduate competencies for educating physicians.

Transforming Agricultural Education for a Changing World. ( National Academies Report encouraging move towards broader education for agriculture students.

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